Case Study: Time Magazine 

The Client:

TIME magazine was founded back in 1923, in New York City. It boasts the largest circulation in the world for a weekly news magazine.

Target Market/Industry:

This campaign was target at current subscribers of TIME magazine, with the intention of incentivising referral subscriptions.

The Brief:

Our brief was to design and develop a calendar showing the history of Time magazine through the ages - to be used as a referral promotion to introduce new customers.

The Solution:

After talking it through with the folks at TIME, we designed a bespoke wall calendar for them. It had to be lightweight to help with shipping, but also desirable to readers, and within a limited budget. We focused on a nice, clean look which was felt very 'TIME' in its appearance.

The Results:

All in all, 2500 calendars were produced. We printed them all in the UK to encourage and support UK business in an environmentally sustainable way. TIME themselves were made up with the final product, particularly the super quick turnaround on such a bespoke product - and their referrals campaign progressed nicely with the addition of our calendars!